Primary Bedroom

We slowly tackled the primary bedroom over the first year of moving into our new home. We knew this was going to be the first room to fix up because of the green-on-green sponge paint. I’m not sure why anyone would choose this color and texture, but I found it nauseating after only a few … Continue reading Primary Bedroom

Scalloped Headboard

Let’s face it, there are a million DIY upholstered headboards tutorials out there. I knew I wanted one but the ubiquitous rectangular tufted style was not doing it for me. Many look crafty and elegant at best, or trendy and misshapen at worst. I realized this after having bought (and returned) Ikea’s Sultan bed, which … Continue reading Scalloped Headboard

Media Console

Even though our home was built in 1894, I still have a taste for classic mid-century modern (MCM) furniture and aesthetics. We have a smaller room in the back of the house that is the most “modern” in so far as we painted it a cream color offset with navy accents. It functions as a … Continue reading Media Console

Compost Bin

One of the first projects after we moved in was to build a compost bin. I took inspiration from Black and Decker’s guide but made it a bit more simple with less decorative components. The first step was to build the main box structure. I used cedar for its pest resistant qualities and I sanded … Continue reading Compost Bin

Garden Paving

When we moved in the garden was not in great shape. The back bed bordered with wood was rotting and full of weeds. As we dug up the weeds and carved out another bed in the front by bordering them with pavers, it was like excavating an archeological site. Tongs of toys, bricks, and stones. … Continue reading Garden Paving

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